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Report Overview: China Anthracite Market Analysis 2013-2017


China is one of the most coal resource-richest countries in the world and its reserves of anthracite rank the world first with the available reserves of nearly 120 billion tons, which is distributed widespread in the different regions. There are more than 20 provinces (municipalities and automation regions) that have the anthracite resources with different degree in China, among which, Shanxi ranks the national first with the anthracite reserves of about 50 billion tons, accounting for more than 40% of the national total reserves, mainly distributing in the mines such as Yangquan, Jincheng, Gaoping, Yangcheng and Shouyang etc. Among these mines, the reserves in Yangcheng mine reach about 10 billion tons and the reserves of other mines reach more than 5 billion tons.

In 2012, although the overall production capacity of the coal industry increased, the production capacity of anthracite declined compared with 2011 and the output was 476 million tons. The anthracite has wide applicability and is widespread used in the aspects of power, metallurgy, chemical, building materials and civil ones etc. Because of the spurring of the development of the anthracite downstream industry, it is predicted that the output of anthracite will appear the increase trend in the future few years, but because of the regulations from the related policies, the increase magnitude will not be large. The output of anthracite is predicted to be about 560 million tons by 2017.

Among the anthracite consumption, the power industry accounts for more than 36%, both of the chemical industry and cement industry accounting for 20% and iron & steel industry accounting for 7%.

By researching the prices of anthracite for recent years, the changes have been stayed in the increase trend with small magnitude, basing on which, it is predicted that the demand for anthracite will increase in the future few years, the unit price will increase and the sales revenue will show the continuous growth trend.

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1. Overview of Anthracite
1.1 Brief Introduction
1.1.1 Brief Introduction
1.1.2 Physical Properties and Chemical Composition
1.2 Reserves and Applications
1.2.1 Proved Reserves
1.2.2 Forecast Reserves
1.2.3 Coal Quality Characteristics of Major Anthracite Mines
1.2.4 Applications

2. Global Anthracite Status
2.1 The World Anthracite Trade Market
2.1.1 Market Status of Anthracite Importing Countries
2.1.2 Countries in Which the Anthracite Import Is Larger Than Export
2.1.3 Major Anthracite Exporting Countries
2.2 Prospects of World Anthracite Market
2.2.1 Asia
2.2.2 Europe
2.2.3 Developing Countries

3. China\'s environment for Anthracite
3.1 Economic Development Environment
3.1.1 Macro-economy
3.1.2 GDP
3.1.3 Fixed Asset Investment
3.1.4 Growth Rate and Total Amount of Imports and Exports
3.2 Industrial Policies


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