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Market Report: Bathrooms and Bathroom Accessories Market Share In - UK - August 2013


Standing out from the rest is difficult in a market like bathrooms. Retailers need to build a wide suite of skills to service the complex requirements of a bathroom make-over. So we expect to see more development of quality own-label products with differentiated styles and designs. Alongside this, services will become increasingly sophisticated, with branded elements to add reassurance for shoppers.



Executive Summary
The market
Figure 1: Bathroom furniture and accessories, consumer spend, 2008-18
Figure 2: Bathroom fittings and furniture market value, by category, 2010-12
Market factors
Figure 3: Housing transactions, UK, 2008-12
Companies and distribution
Innovative manufacturers
Changing retail scene
Figure 4: Distribution of bathroom furniture, fittings and accessories, by value, 2012
The consumer
What they bought
Figure 5: Bathroom fittings and accessories purchased in the last three years, July 2013
What they spent
Figure 6: Estimated spend on fittings and installation of replacement bathroom, July 2013
Where they bought bathrooms
Figure 7: Outlets used for purchasing bathroom fittings, July 2013
Factors influencing where they buy
Figure 8: Factors considered important when deciding where to buy bathroom fittings, July 2013
What would they pay more for?
Figure 9: Factors people would pay more for when buying bathroom fittings, July 2013
What we think

Issues in the Market
Are people buying bathrooms online?
Do people want a complete end-to-end service from their retailers including design and fitting?
How do people respond to water saving appliances?
Is there more that retailers could do to stimulate demand?
What will be the impact of John Lewis moving into bathrooms?

Trend Applications
Trend: Help Me Help Myself
Trend: Make it Mine
Mintel Futures: Generation Next

Internal Market Environment
Key points
Bathrooms in households
Figure 10: Ownership of bathrooms and toilets, July 2013
Figure 11: Ownership of bathrooms and toilets, by housing situation, July 2013
26% of homes have been extended
Time between refits
Figure 12: Average age of kitchens and bathrooms, England, by household tenure, 2007
House moves by type of tenure
Figure 13: Recent house moves, England, by household tenure, 2000-12
Upturn in house purchases in 2012
Figure 14: Housing transactions, UK, 2008-12
Sustainable bathrooms
One water label for taps, valves and shower heads
Figure 15: European water label, 2013
UK Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme
Figure 16: BMA water efficiency labels, 2013
Updated water efficiency targets for new homes and conversions
Water efficiency in the bathroom

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