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Industrial Report: Mens and Womens Fragrances Market Attractiveness In UK - August 2013: MarketResearchReport

Most consumers prefer to test fragrance before they buy, resulting in sales from bricks and mortar stores eclipsing online retail for fragrances. However, encouraging more buyers to venture online could result in boosted sales for completely new or niche perfumes. Innovative and dynamic communication should therefore be a key area of focus for brands in order to help consumers make more informed product selections from the home, such as harnessing the scope of new digital fragrance delivery methods.


Products covered in this report
Executive Summary
The market: Growth continues into 2013
Figure 1: UK best- and worst-case forecast for value sales of men’s and women’s fragrances, 2008-18
Market drivers: Seniors offer the highest potential for growth as the young adult population stalls
Product innovation: Own-label brands challenge established multinational launches
Figure 2: New product launches in fragrances, % by top 10 ultimate companies and other, 2012
The consumer: Use of fragrances and scented products
Figure 3: Frequency of use of fragrances and scented toiletries, July 2013
The consumer: Young adults need education on fragrance concentration
Figure 4: Consumer knowledge of fragrances, July 2013
What we think

Issues in the Market
Could growing concerns over allergens be a blow for perfume?
How are celebrity fragrances evolving?
Branded or bespoke?
How can new digital advances benefit the fragrance industry and consumers?
Trend Application
Trend: Mood to Order
Trend: Guiding Choice
2015 Trend: Old Gold
Market Drivers
Key points
Perfume remains a popular choice for gifting
Figure 5: Items bought as gifts, Christmas 2012, January 2013
Reduction in international journeys could impact Duty-Free sales
Figure 6: Overseas journeys (all purposes), by region, 2007-12
Seniors offer highest potential for growth
Figure 7: Trends in the age structure of the UK population, 2008-18
Growth in the ‘heavy use’ C2 group is a positive for the fragrance market
Figure 8: Adult population trends, by socio-economic group, 2008-18
Employment figures predicted to rise by 2018
Figure 9: Adults in full time employment and usage of any type of fragrance, by age, July 2013
The animal testing ban and its impact on fragrances
Increasing EU ingredient regulations
Who’s Innovating?
Key points
Women’s fragrances lead NPD
Figure 10: Fragrance launches, by category, 2009-12
New product launches by company, 2012
Figure 11: New product launches in fragrances, % by top 10 ultimate companies and other, 2012
Seasonal launches grow in prevalence
Figure 12: New product launches for fragrances, by top 5 claims (excluding male and female), 2009-May 2013
New products dominate, but relaunches gain more momentum
Figure 13: New product launches, % share, by launch type, 2009-May2013
Fragrance trends
Middle Eastern notes add a touch of Arabian luxury
Figure 14: Selected launches that take inspiration from the Middle East, 2013
Rose remains a dominant note
Figure 15: Selected launches that highlight the provenance of their rose content, 2013
Celebrity fragrances continue to emerge
Figure 16: Examples of celebrity fragrance launches, 2012-13
Men’s fragrances offer a touch of fantasy
Figure 17: Selected launches for men, 2012-13
Beyond the norm
Market Size and Forecast
Key points
Fragrance growth paces on
Figure 18: Value sale of fragrances 2008-18
The future
Figure 19: UK best- and worst-case forecast for value sales of men’s and women’s fragrances, 2008-18
Forecast Methodology

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Segment Performance
Key points
Segment overview & comparison
Figure 20: UK retail value sales of fragrances, by sector, 2011-13


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