Friday, August 9, 2013

Global Business Survey: The Worlds Major Telecom Operators Market Analysis in 2Q 2013


As mobile broadband has become mainstream, broadband service providers in the US other than the two giants AT&T and Verizon are looking to enter wireless application fields that are profitable or offer specific advantages. As for Europe, due to the weakness of the economy, major telecom operators are adjusting their operational strategies that allow them to meet the requirements of the EU's broadband policies. 

This report provides comprehensive analysis of major events and issues related to major telecom operators, enabling readers to gain a better understanding of the latest developments among broadband service providers. This can also serve as reference for the planning of next-generation products and services.

Table of Contents

1. United States: Sprint Teams up with u-blox to Create M2M Applications for 2G Networks
1.1 Background
1.2 MIC Perspective

2. United States: Comcast Launches New Generation of Multimedia Applications and Broadband Devices
2.1 Background
2.2 MIC Perspective

3. Germany: Vodafone Uses DT Networks to Roll out VDSL Vectoring Services
3.1 Background
3.2 MIC Perspective

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4. Italy: Telecom Italia to Spin off Fixed Network Business and Accelerate Launch of New Services
4.1 Background
4.2 MIC Perspective

5. Conclusion


Figure 1 M2M Service Applications Launched by Sprint
Figure 2 Comcast\'s Development of Multimedia Services and Wi-Fi Hotspot Services
Figure 3 Vodafone\'s Deployment in Markets in Europe and Worldwide
Figure 4 Structure of Telecom Italia\'s Fixed Network Business
Figure 5 Coverage of Next Generation Access Networks in EU Countries, 2012


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