Friday, July 26, 2013

Report Overview: Global Industry Smart Weapons Market Forecast 2013 - 2019

For rapidly growing and modernizing countries smart weapons is the new term rising in their forces and military organizations. These are the weapons, bomb or missiles having televisions, lasers or satellite locator to achieve target precisely. Laser guided weapons works on a principle that pilot fixes the laser beam on target, when the weapon is launched it automatically adjusts its path with the help of a computer. Television assistance uses camera at the tip of the weapon so live images can be tracked. Satellite locators can be used in these weapons to locate their actual positions and it helps in guidance and control.

During the growth of smart weapons market there are several products that helped the rise of this industry such as non-lethal smart weapons, directed energy weapons,  smart bomb,  surface to air missiles,  air to ground missiles, precision artillery ammunition,  stand-off missiles, smart bullet and electromagnetic pulse weapons. Out of all this demand for direct energy weapons is expected to dominate this market. By geographic region market for smart weapons can be segmented as North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific are the current markets whereas; RoW is expected to grow.

One of the major driving factors for this market is the rising need for precision. Smart weapons are assisted with a number of technologies that will precisely hit the target. Another driving factor for this industry is growing demand for weapons from growing economies. The future trend in this industry can be smart missile deactivators that can locate missiles by means of the satellite assistance. However regulations such as missile technology control regime (MTCR) can restrict the market for smart weapons.

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