Friday, July 26, 2013

Recent Market Report: Collective Investments Market Share In UK - July 2013


A large number of UK retail investors are simply unprepared to put their money at risk by investing in equities. Given that a larger number of people save for emergencies and unexpected events, rather than to generate an income, most adults will always be wary of using products outside the traditional savings accounts and cash ISAs.

Table of Content


Executive Summary
The market
Gross retail sales of open-ended funds expected to grow in 2013 and onwards
Figure 1: Forecast for gross retail sales of unit trusts and OEICs (UK domiciled), 2008-18
Closed-ended sector is significantly smaller
The majority of funds are sold via intermediated channels
Figure 2: Gross retail sales of unit trusts and OEICs, by distribution channel, 2008-12
Competing retail investment products
Figure 3: Retail investment product sales, by volume, year to 31 March 2012
Market factors
Economic uncertainty continues to test investor fortitude
Key regulatory changes
Companies, brands and innovations
Market share is concentrated at the top
Adspend on investment products and intermediary services was down in 2012/13
Who’s innovating?
The consumer
Value of savings and investments
Figure 4: Value of savings and investments, May 2013
Investment portfolio
Figure 5: Savings and investment portfolio, May 2013
Saving and investing goals
Figure 6: Saving and investment goals, May 2013
Influential factors when choosing an investment fund
Figure 7: Important factors when choosing an investment fund, May 2013
Average length of time consumers hold investments
Figure 8: Average length of time investments held, May 2013
Consumer attitudes towards saving and investing
Figure 9: Attitudes towards investing and investments, May 2013

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