Thursday, July 25, 2013

Market Research Report: Global Industry Brain Monitoring Devices Market Analysis 2012 - 2018

Brain monitoring devices are the instruments used for monitoring abnormal activities of brain. Brain disorders can occur due to a variety of reasons including traumatic injury to the brain, infection, vascular abnormality, tumor, and other conditions. In addition, these injuries lead to various symptoms such as paralysis, loss of sensation, tremors, bradykinesia, muscle weakness and pain. Brain disorders posses an enormous burden to human suffering coupled with exorbitant costs required for its treatment. . To combat these diseases numerous devices are currently available in the market which monitor the brain waves, brain tumors and others abnormal brain activities.

Wide range of brain monitoring devices available in the market namely intracranial pressure monitors, electroencephalograph, magnetoencephalography, transcranial doppler and cerebral oximeters. These devices monitor wide range of brain functions such as velocity of blood flow in the veins and arteries in case of epilepsy, electrical and neural activity, pressure surrounding the brain, traumatic brain injury and brain death. 

In the past, brain monitoring devices were not given much importance in routine checkups, preoperative and postoperative procedures. Rise in incidence of post surgical cerebrovascular accidents have triggered the need for more enhanced and automated brain monitoring devices. Therefore, brain monitoring devices are being incorporated extensively in the hospitals and clinics for assessing the activity of sedatives and anesthesia.

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